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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 16, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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jui'm tstngryi m toake youme so mo ney. my i jobs junot ost t etanterin yo utu, bto eatducnde a teach yo u. c soalle mt a 100-843-7nb-cc. or of ou cers teewt me me mc@jir.rame an y ybod whohas aig hhoh scol pl dihaoma srt cey ainlentak a ur conse i miche,stry etgeomry, ph sysic a hnd aostf oto hisry cl s.asse yoand u can gatradue from co elleg sinpeakreg thegu lanages an ved ha aep de ustnderngandi of an qutum hyp.sics bu ut yo knowth e oneng thiy the stalmone verch tea youin h hig olscho a letlone htoucwi th a n- tefooto ple in lecolge? ncfinalia telicyra. i' m notal t akingboutco ecsnomi he re. yo anu ce b an e mconajornd a ar lenow hin to yvestourey mon wi .sely y mone njustalot tabked outin uc edn.atio lit'sike the t rhirdofail the e wholateducl ionaemsyst. thand at's w'mhy in o ans cotant ss mitoion teach uyobo autry eve
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yo bu'llele abo t mebeco a tt benver ir estobothh wen it co tomes remetirentes invting andat wh i call your di tiscrey onarmomad ney fiprole. h whicis a big roneashy w i ot wrete g richar clyeful to be gin itwh. evenyo if udo on't wnviindidual st ocksdilyrect,u yoro py babl shaveome k oindxpf eeosur to stthe ock etmark. a k)401(an pl where youep keth e bu f lk oyourti rentreme f,unds wh isich an i w ttoak tae om ment toal touk abtit rentreme. r foe thosofou yiv lining a ve ca40 1(k)an plres a then mai wa ym aanerics avse. 'rtheyfee ofbyred eyouryemplor d any' there amonghe tre gat de edferr taxnv ienestm vtleehics ou t rethe ,onal wgith the.r i.a. i'mlk taabing out then idudivial irrequt emencca.ount it wa. r foe thosofou y who arebo a ut f toall epasle orn chage the nechancal be tuseheol wheae id ofvi sa ngforet reniremt psut yo u toles hep,ear me out. ca beuseu yo tneedoow kns thi st uff. i' inm go tg toell youme so gsthint thawoyou hen't roar fm e thalso-cexled s.pert th hois s dw isreiffe.nt at s thi ntpoit', is ptyret much be comeo ctinvenonalis wthdom at
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othatynl anot idiou wldot n nt coteribua to k)401(pl an. a lotf o etsxper wilevl elen tl toyou o maxutou y 4r)01(kf i yo uak m eeghnou y monefort tha tobe eafe.sibl e thmumaxintm cotiribuenon t ds b toine gog uper ov mtie. ,2 175, ,01800n i 2015. th aat's bighu cfnk o achnge. ctheyomefr omyo urpretax in .come ho r,wevem i aot n one of the pe woplehoin thouks yul shoxd ma yoout ur014(k). m i'sonot e meonwhois go ingto si heng t pesraisth of 1(e 40 k) d an ytellouit 's the t keyo ur yoan fin cialsaiolvatn. be ecaus the truth 01is 4(k) pl caans an bel read mixebag. [ ngbooi ] th wi apl coue ofea rlly great urfeatndes a a oflot badn oes o. to an osd thde baat fe wures eillat ay aw y atour rnretuars yeer aft , yeartisomemes in fthees reat a stalmota tollyhi fddenromou y athatreua actqully ite se upg m letla me uty o the ogod, thead b d anthegl u oyf1( 40k) s,plan thand en'l itel yllou wthheer it mesaken sseto cntoburite mo mreeyono t yuro own1( 40k) or t puha tast ch to berett use so ermewhsee el.
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bethe hst t aingtbou a(k 401) is 's it aax ter defrednv ienestmt hi vecle. yo y u panoxe tas ont wha you put in . u yor nevepay a ypennf o calapit sgainax tes ohen t ptsrofi you imaken y40our 1(k) hwhicow alls ur yoey mono to cndmpouea yr af yeter ar. co ndmpoujuing eist b ng fa tintasc. ca deftde aer cadede. to y tallfrtax- eelunti you ci deo de ttstarma king drwiths.awal lareguewr viofers s thishownd a erread ms ofyoo b ksknowi' m a hu elge bieve rhein ter pow of oucompg.ndin melet e giv youn axa e mplee.her su e pposreyou' y 30 oearsldan d st artve ing stin5,$000 a yearo t ur yo (k401). re ermembu', yo nreotyi pang any meincoax t oatn th axpret meinco. y ifhoou cyoose nvur ienestmts lywiseu, yoho sulde b able to ge teneraha perpsas ch mu7% as tu ren rn oagavere. er ov thers cou te ofhee n0xt 3 ar yeous ybe'll criontngbuti ,0$150 t00uro yo01 4(k) plan. be e caus mthatoney is ableo t oucompeand yrte afrr yeaouwitht y antacapiinl ga staxes,y bhe t ytimeeou'r 6ha0, tt $05,00 pr eyear tax cointhme, atul cod beor wthv oer $50011,0. y ifou hadto pay s taxeon
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ul wo ad belo t erlow, ppserha as mu sch a $10010,0 l.ower 'sthat i howtamporntco ndmpouing is . d andiavoi,ng llwet', lesay s tathe xef dderrena turef oe th g.thin uyo only thaveo payes tax on yo 01ur 4 m(k)oney once. 'sthatn wheyou dedecio t i 'sthatn whea txesdi ornary in acomeinnd syoce u'll lyikel be tirered n,thest mo ofou y wi ell undpap ngyi l aerowat re th ianyof hau dee bxen ta d on hithe rgherleate .vels so ha t ot'sne majoras reono t ke li(k 401) pl.ans the nsecod, anmy, but notll a pl ems oyer mwill oatchr rt pay iallmatchyo 4urk)01( ricontonbutis. o in wther, ordsevfor doery llar yo veu innst io yur( 401k) n,pla yourpl emoyermi thght inrow 50 ce upnts to ace n rtaitpoinat th is re fe nmoey. yoand mualust mostev naner wt to k wal awayro feem fr nemoy. es alpecily ag wain,hent' ils aso ta unxed. bu yt ifou don'tge t freeey mon yfromourpl em foyeror co buntri ttingo a 1(40 ik), th iinkat's h muce lss co limpelptng oion, flyrank. i asd sairebefoh, tere aare olotinf thbgs aout a 4k)01( pl haan tnt ca be rlyeal bad. h whicish wy ifin aga you don't
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i evbelit'e i ase btterde iato ve sa foret reniremt avi the viindi rdualreequi mentantccou, or ira. sathe emexactax t dreeferd st aatuss a 40).1(k yo uan c onlynt coteribu 5500r o f65 iou ye'r over .50 ywhenhaou cnge bjos, youan c ll ror oveall mtheoney in your 40 t1(k) oan ira. th at'sxa ectlyat wh yoush ould e do tveryyoime utc swih oyemplorers d finrs youelfut o ofw ork. y wh tdo i ahinkn ira is a tt beer op?tion 1( 40lak) pnsar vyid welym fro mp cotoany conympa. so me gyoive eru tcrifi rang oef oi chces and event leou y pick viindi sduals.tock butma orny mmpe cos anie ygiveou 40 a p1(k)wilan thim lited onoptis. me sos timeonyou glyet to csehoo tw bea een dozen, meayb a lecoup ze do mn atdiost enffertut mual fu nds. f soorse tho of you whon' cat pi ouck yr ownck sto tshisur yo 1( 40myk), be numer onul r eis be yforeonou cuttribone mey to 4your) 01(k,planyo ue hav to smakeiture s giveyou the onoptipu to tyouras ctoh in thsomeingha tts i allctuayor wth stinveing .in i' akll mise th very mpsile. cayou pin't ouck yr own ss tock in a401(k),he tn you want a
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mi mihecs t ps& 500. wehor,vef i uryo01 4)(k desotn' enevff oer that, amshone ou yr mp coany. th genwio th the lfseir-dteecd ir faomr eth fluler svice oudiscnt raprogm. i atalkboutid fy elitouso y can ha onve c otrolyover onur mey. on ree moat negive. wi athin0 41(k)h wen youve inst in mu a ftual yund,ouav hue yo to t paymuhat ftuals und'.fees ithisals remply intorta. t buuryo01 4)(kad stminir,rato e thancompu'y yo-re - the peeopl yourmp erloyei htores t runhese s,plany the awillchlso arge .fees bo [ ]oing an mething llat a m theoney 40 s1(k) yavesnou o axt,es a gr deeat fal oat th canua actyll be le calckd ba t byhese fees. u yoever ldooke at your emstatanent dwo ednder why the yheckour01 4(k)ol hsdingn' aret eaincr isinglun vakee liy the ldshou be, farees e pblrobaey th as reon. so re whes doeal l tlehis ave yo u? re he is mytt boinom le on re metirent stinveing. e thancompuy yo work for osffer an lo empeye tma ych,ou wanto t t pu y moneintor you 4) 01(klunti mthat iatchsed max. out
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te afatr thut pn adiy adaltion re metireavnt s iingsannto ira. if re thes io nmp erloyetc mah or anlo empyer match butr you 40 d1(k)'toesngi veyo uny a ti optoons es invnt, iu yoou wld do ttbe tero spki the 4(k01 a)nd go tr sghait to an ira im atmediely. de h borain caorlifnia,bo derah? al>> c ler:hi,i jm. th fanksorak ting my ca ll. ui>> qte elw. come al>> c iler:e hav a twrto-pa tiquesegon rngardi thelu vae of enlisttoing a ancompy's rn ea cingsreonfe nceca lls. >> . okay al>> cler:he t firstar pt is how n caecwe deidat wh wean wt to , dothin oorer w wds,tha anctio we t wantoe takd baseheon t rn eaings rrtepoin sce thest ock uefreq wntly billehaven i a co dintray ctoriofashn toth e re .port for elexamp, canompy cane rport od go niearngs, butid guewe lor on thee revenu anda egsrnin in gog arforwd,nd ahe tst ock wi ll go .up th sed econe wheryou might kthin it ul sho dgo ,down t?righ
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is 'm i on the west coast. soe th callsre ftlqueney ar at 7: nd00 a 8:00a. em.rnaste .time orso f ,mehe tva lue of enlisttoing c the ialls di nimiedshec bseau'm iot ngo gin toet g up at 4:00or 5:00 a.m. >> igrht. >> li to sten to it. 'mso i notll reay g toingoa tke y anonacti oatn th. >>he s re isothe onlutito is, th de h.bora hayou ve g noo un t hyouread, li unheke tge hed yo n u caenlist atur yo urleise. m i'ot n ngtryige to ybt anody in qto aeruart to bauy to sck d aheaof a tequar yr ifouan c d avoiit. ywhatanou wtdo to is teak a ng loomer tw orro iviewhen t noany ise. go te lison t thell car oea rd . it t gooya hoo fie.nanc ge to sf me othe earesrch, se re.arch h matctheec expontati wsithat wh wa ids sa. ta ke aon lgerte rm eviw. 'sthat a thetadvangeth of e in dudivial itonvesr. u yot don' thaveo playt tha day. do n ug idanevaug, do?
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c >>r:alle yeah, myst queision ia hve a 140h tats iai frly su ntbstaial. wo ituld a beabdvisorle f me to gechant tha sto adielf-edrect a? ir >> kaoy. we whll, at ermatts ishe t atmch. if h you--ave theem erploys is ma ngtchi., no wayou nttot gehe tx mah,matc t soeao spk. d anr afte, thatyes. bu t if's itu jst sixd anlfa ha or oalne-hzef don of theot her an e d thfund astren'at th good ythateou'rlo altowed e bn i ur yo1( 40thk), en yes,an i wt youto os choe the lseref-di cted raire chlt ira. wh t en is comeetto reniremft, i yo omur cpanych mates the ricontonbuti40 to ,1(k)ax m that t. ou 'sthatll reapoy imt.rtan bu t if you dton' get a h,matc u yo't done haves inv tfulptoion, trgo st aighheto t ira. on d""ma thtonig, youst ju got yo ur omdipla, sow no what?
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refor cents.grad ll i' putr you myoneeh b indeth xt net besinthg. pl thus, e ere arnyma roads to a thhealy remetirent. le t'sha court yasr cot. ic stthk wime crar. d>>'tonis ms a scoendf od "ma ne moy." fo llowim@jercram on tetwitr. ve ha a question? ttwee cerram, #madee twts. se nd an-m eailt ac.cnborcom gi s ve ulla cat a 801-740-cn3-bc. mi ss omshiet?ng head to ini'm go shag to pre a ohotomy ef waggo heffle wopn it p.s upth o at's sstinterehoneing y e becausgoi'm toing share a ph ofoto go my ege wafflen i whpst po up.
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ml'eggogoy eg we(ans mringne) achi hey!a leave e.messag , hi yi knowe thou'r ere,se'cau s i yi' llinm cau g yolto telu yo'eggto l eo myggo! r: sanncthome reings a too cioudeli ss tohare. golden crispy, warm and ufflo fy egglewaffs. l'eggo my eggo. i ta pkeloseriotc eachc or mng nifomy fr quret heentbarnur causbeyoe can'u bet zeat hrortbuea!rn hh ahwe the sasteet tvi of ctory! precilostc oe . onllpi cheaorni rs24 hou h. zeroburneart. ur hyo leartmeoves oga-3s. thbut a-e omegfi3s in oish ffl dimer fro d megareilkrl oil.
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by y boour dy. ga mered. e thendiffer ce issy t easoo abrb. cwhenetigarvite crat,ngs hial cal i k n thinabout tiis getieng relf. ly onet nicori te minahas pate nted-d fastinissolvrmulg foa. ta it sto rrts veelieen suddng cravist.s fa i ne knver n ow whenei'll elieed rf. that hy's wy i onl chooserettniconie mi. hay ppnianrsve aryerdinnrl, dain'ca isn thh muc love cbeedlean lby ae ittlt bi dofn awtrula? y oheah. on tte boasle h theeagrlese cg aninrpowe woof ttl botf es o thisrgbabrain and. a opdrf ownda d aneagr isegos .ne th s ere' ea moreablenjoy t wayt o geibyour fer.y ph trpsillir ' fibeumgood g plmiesneus epprgy suort. 's it f a new supiberenplem t thatsuhelps orppgut rerilaty incland budesin vitamels to hconvp foert enod to ergy. mm mmsem, the goo ared! ornice whillk, pips! th y e tastf side or,fibe
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>> bo> yao-h! f i eonverye in tishco truny ntwens ieannd aid deco ed tturn am anericto inra ccamerinth wime ouas yir k ongrnd gra -bpooh,ah u yoerbettie bel'dve ie b mgakin ch s angeprand .onto usbeca te ihiss a sabhow out y,mone i'm ggoin tost ticko fi iananceml eltoent e thimrege. it iv dres menu hats tt wen' dot re tally oeachuro ypeung ople
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d antai'm g lkinrleay, t.oo junot st cogelle. ul wo d itobe szy cra ifyo u had to e tak ass cla inrs pe onal ncfinaeef b oreyou gatradure fom gh hioo schl? ini th sk itd houlbe atmandory. ke li theaw d kwarthheal cls.asse dl sa'my, iod noby's dtoictar. i tdon' hanave fly ine uenc over ateducliona poy.lic t bui c doolontrou ab wtwehat lk taut aboth on se w.ho ca in tkea aom mtento pe sak mesoor wds atth well a libee ev bu vet ry rrea gly tetsao iny co ernvtisa?on oklomo, y ne iisormpntta. i s t'alre ilyormpntta. d anca ringut abo theat stofe ur yo fncinaoes desot ne mak you so inme kd of sfiupercial ur bos geoitemonsr. le sat's y you ha ave lyreal y lousitcredor sced anou yt wan g to etrrmaied. co tungraonlatis. u yojustli infcted yourri horble cr oeditn your new usspoe. w none r ithenoyou r yourpa rrtne wi e ll b tableo qfyualifu ture a lo o an ta buy ohomerus jt g aet da rncr theysay ymoneat m itersn life but ts hat'cothe tinvenonal
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is edinde ama r jozzbul kil e sincowi knst firhandfr heom t meti i senpt liniving my 1978 rd fo mofairnt. rei su wish id ha aner expot t gu ide me tghhrou allth sistuff wa cky ba then. l soetme an swer oneof the most im anportest qus tionout there. wh heat the ckho syould ung pe opleo dth wi their onmey? tfirsd anmoforendst aay alws, yo edu nein to .vest th tat'shenl oy way' youre going to bele ab toie achvean fin cial dofreem. f byomreedat, wh ime anis ngliviif a lere whoue yn're ot to y tall d100%deepenn nt o your hepaycck. ai'mslwayhr td ille iwhen see me s mberheof tyo runge de apmogrwhhic eo ar tg akinan veactid hanma in ngnagiir the n owy.mone tooy manlepeoprt stain savdg an stinvewaing o y to.late at thes makhe tires liv aot l mo ifre dltficun tha ntheyeedo t . be t buiso al kno wmanyun yog lepeopl fee tlikehahey ve all e thtime in the wo.rld mmanyoreta srtes invtinge bfore th 'reyer tyul rdyea wnheth ey ar e ifan ctet brtehi tsngor f em tho tbedo sting wiuff th th eir m.oney so we have toea ry llildrl do.wn
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le onss as,nd aav ct earfoal l osthwhe aro e renecytlou tof co e.lleg s let't star twithhe eacavt. rebefo c youtaan srt ve inatstig ying,eeou nd to pay yooff reur ccadit rd .debt ithismes sog thinei mnentiod fo bere. bu 'st itec espy ialltrueor f geyounr opeple,pa ulrtic arly e sincitcredd car cniompaaes hve engottll reagry agveessi about fe of cringt rediolto clege enstudts. no te matr m how muchyone y ou ck ra upin theoc stk mt,arke if reyou' cyiarr bng acealan on cyourt redis,card's it ginogo t t eatoinou yr rerntus. i owknhi ts melysf rsfid.than loand erng-te m threintenst o th ede crarit cilds wobl pr ably gbetereahar t tnher ps ofityou ca ken mam fro veing.stin eaat lst a once perentag so just pay yourrn da itcred rd caan balce inul flve ery mo nth. to au imatetht wi youred crit ca omrd c.pany llyou' be tedemptno t to. n'i catfe deatha ttr c cedit ard de btth wio ntt maower hy man t greak stocs ideaie hav onhe t ow sh. e threonlessrs fo ygoun ve ins.stor t,firss thieais r fllyor all un yoopg pehole wce rently uagradndte act ayuallor f yoeverutne o t,herear regsdles of a agedgnd e iecandition ve lel. u yo tneedavhe se money. ibut rniecogze not eyoverne has aner inhent edprsiispo ttiono sa ve. we can't alle b ranatul
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yo u to save over andve orag ain n' wot ssnecey arildo anyoo gd. ho r,weve s the mtockt arke is a t greaway t therickrs youelf intovi sang a partofr you pa ckychet thayou might rwotheise spend. stinveining c sto cksan allctuay lbe aot of fun. we ie trdt tha onethho sw. we try to omdo seen aiterttnmen inwith the hiteacwhng, serea av lemoing neyn i aav sings unaccot or sintick igt in a de t posis feel okindfyl jo ess rfoot a l ofoppe.le no t toti menonat th theet rurns -s soalo sml tt haeythe 'rs,ye dein, edlli'se uhe tor wd ouif yes invtetigar youfgsnais e thetmarkwi it e ll bta lo ea tsiero rtesis the tatemption s to tpendhatey mon onin thgs th at yough mi ttno need. be e causilit wl be sngitti in ksstoct thayou klie. yo llu'av h eto slle the scktos gtoet yuroon mey an thd isere a nraatul ilpredonectino to et s ollnce yo y.u bu onnot sly iis th arr teificwa y rito tck seyourlfin tovi sa,ng albut heso ted addan advtageof be thing e sesmartlat pce topu t ur yo mo.ney ad trnaitiolsa vvingleehic lseik y moneetmarkds fun, wow youee s th e r?ates
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gi ouve ydl haryn atuy retrn a all. ait'sas wtehe we n thcoash uld be in makg you alo t mmoreoney byni owng ss tockin aok breerag ac t coundanor w wkingithou yr mo ney. ge urt yods hanty dir withr you ne moy. ndsecoso lesr n fogyoun in orvesthis, t as ish mucmo re ettargieed pce of ade.vic e whilreyou'll sting youu , yo afcan ford to teak a lotre mo sk rin thaldan oy fogli ke lfmyse. en whr you inur yo20 ciousetan g wawaymoith ree rsscklehe wre th tee pol ntiaupesidou celd b ge hu. sobut is thete pol ntia wn do.side laor p wyingithti opaons nd ragenebelly aing lot more gr agveessih wit yourm.oney wh y is hatt? 's it notca beuseun yogeo p ple e arranatuylltt beer ulspecs.ator tnot a all. 's itpl simcay beuseen wh you ke ma ata miske iurn yo w 20sith yo onur myoey, veu ha w thehole oresturf yoe lifto ix f it. cayou n adfforto buy moreh hig riskst aocksndnd e upsi long yo uron mheey woun y're young be e causyou have49 y tearso ea acrn burk yo seloss. y soavou he toe takhe ti rsks. de olr intoves yrs,oou t beor me ut ca.ious ctherlose yout ge tore metirent
3:19 am
in investtrg syateg has to be. re mo ndbos,er fewec spivulate oc straks t idingen thng sile di .gits ouif yin're your20 ous, y ou shnvld ieste lik a ygoun rs penoon, t an old erpson. etforgut abo bondshe t reiso n as reoron feo somnen ihe tir0s 2 h toaveo b ndsuexporewh tenhat ne mouly cod benv id estein ksstocch whill wi m yakeou a erhighur reten y aar fterarye. yo peung , oplenti wa youto take thisceadvi to ahe.rt pe eslycialau becse i ecsuspt th heat tre ccentgeoller g ads st moke lily tonv i iestn t he ma arketlsre aeo th o tneshat tarehe most poreslensibe , th pmostntrude a tbout heiry.mone e arandru pedenc is tgreawh en tt putoing ergetha etbudg to li itve wyohin urme orans ci de hdingucow m yh ofour pa ckyche to save every month. bu rt foyo ungve insstorin beg toode pru ints allctuayei bng ck re.less 20 et-soms,hinge liva lelittt, a t leasoif yur s ockfoportlio. takeo sme skris. ay pl androuth wi some ec spivulate amnes. ma biybe hotec ancompwiies th a oflot tepol.ntia en evth if eyow bl upn o yound a a gohell tay w to erzo. u' yootve gr youwholee lifto tmakehatne mo ycbak.
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3:21 am
ow grth ra ite, d oget ounervs. no erw the are some ss tock that n' doadt tre on inearngs. anoud ygo've tbe to cal,refu ke li ald co stockhe tre a is bu ofnch d col ckstos. thbut ety lpica tosifck, it estrad forlower, great. lo thwer woan tes timat that ra tef oowgr, thi'min feth wi it . getshi.gher any penav ss ed iaen p nyrneaed. stinveising re a gat woay t ic trurk yo iselfntovi sang mo 's iter nev toooo s nto nt coteribu toou yrra iyo or ur k)401(. ha i lve aot tmorehtonig on is thp deediven itohe tos prnd a co f ns ox indenfuds. he hiy, waych wo d i come out? do min't yss mse ca. > >> andn i icome asge huac ftor in rereti.ment goi'm toing h pusyo u inha tt di iorectghn riret hegh rit , plusuli would wo wdn'tish st t uden odebtn myor wst enemy. i'll helpr potecto yur fy amil om frs thinsexperdive buen. t don'y.go awa stay h wit.cramer it ki just kenda liiped...wev ngerythi. clean 6x anin cleg my t aeethwire glong. aretheywh so ite. hite6x wning tuali acealy rlly helike tteps 2 s.
3:22 am
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3:23 am
tit'sesaco tuday. n: ymae ou'rminot cong. i uctook mo inex t gehelpd t rimuof my oncusy cion.gest go i'm llod a. day nc[annouer:] cine muepx keins workg. no ott 4, n 6, t 12 burs hou.
3:24 am
wei lve in arl woerd whue yo ve ha moreho cicesou abt ewherto ve inoust yrmo neyn thar eve rebefo. vi a lrtuanf iyinit of etfs, tu muunal fds, b mutorech oice is aln't waysttbeer. tisomehames mvingoreio optns justma kest i issmpoibleo t ci dehide wchs oneriare anght d ic whesh on w are frongouor y. an u'd yoevve nader ho mre onoptiens wht i s cometoki picng ex gechanra tded funds andu mtual fu thnds ouan yri do noght w. ey thev're hiat ts po, intther aere soa mny di enfferndt kis of etfsh tatit n ca ymakeourhe ad as aid se note,at i he t wheay
3:25 am
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3:26 am
mo must tualunfds? y whm ai inrailgin agast so inmethatg this in an utstition in s thitrcouny? lesimp. y ifeou'r itinvesn ng ialmutu fu ynds,e ou'rmostik lelyl wel to b putseecau's let y saye ou'r ingettseg hod. w, no i't dont wan to ptaini wth brtoo a oad hbrus .here e thersoare mewo hirthwutle mual fu ands,'lnd illl te you howo t fi hend tm in a utmine. bu rst fit,yo nutoeed un tadershend tbl proitem we h th almutud funl.mode my mainef bee hres ithat with veactianly magedtu mual s,fund mu ftual wunds there aherere pe dopleinecidghi wchck stos or ot seher ticurio es tbuy and se well, go've met sobl proems. un likee hfudge mnds,l utuafund na ma dgerson'tt geid paor f li de overyrf peanformce. th oley c flectfrees omhe tir in orvesteos, pliple ouke y. thand e antmouof ne moyhe ty ma epke d eendselntiry on the ze sif oth eir itmnvesents under ma menagent. m, auca we llit. hwhicea mhens tgg biest ntinceisive notec nriessao ly t do well, sthome ingthat good pe marforcance nll reaely hp wi th. bu tha whet ty'reea rllyng bei tpaidodo s ing brin ie mor y monefrom more esinv,tors spsalee eoplrfoth e ndfu.
3:27 am
inwhy dy stute afudr sty,ar ye rafteye ar, itas h beenwn sho tthatashe vtor majity of veactianly m magedl utuas fund rpundermerfoheed tir bmaenchrks li heke t s&p 500. o in wther, ordsouif ynv iested in ct ayivel mgeanadnd fu for elarg calapitioizats.n u. oc stthks, en itsrf pencorma e ll wit mos lylike fall orsh t, ll fart sho heof t s&p 500. akto me mrsatte seworen, ev ou thghiv actelyna ma gedsfund co tensis untlypenderm rfore th rkma, eteythav he meso of te h ghhit esesfen ie thsibuness. ho w do you like t?tha dthey don'to as wasell the hmbenc aark,nd they gechare. mor oi[ bong ] so n eveifr youd fundo esag mane to beat bearnchmk, ito culd be t earunde up by fees. u' yondll ewi up than de unforperg rminetmark. ofsecourer, the is some ti acvely mgeanandd fuswi th bu falous meranago s wh isconslytentve drirrr teific ltresus. ll i'l telyouho two findhe tm an r othemtie. awhentu muunal f ddereliv ssuch
3:28 am
ma r nage aisce deernt p son, ey thst'll ccop angepti new in mevestnts. pu eit thotr fo wndo. at art cepoain int it besecom edincr diblycuiffio lt t tbeathe ma .rket 'sthat l thefaw oar lgeum n.bers as a galener e,rul if reyou' g goinnvto iinest ua mutndl fu dayou a ytonwant b to e inan ti acvelyna maged eons. e th f aeesore to ghhi. thand ide ev tencehat thek bul of m thedeunforpersrm ira f nkly toost riaggeo ng t gkeepoing at th. way knyou haow tt i thinkur yost be ra st itegys toan mager youown rt poo folindof iuaividl toscks. at thha's wt ita lkbo a uttnigh te afigr nht on "momad "ney. fo rho those w't done haveth ttimeseo rearch iidndivual co iempanrs, o ouif y01r 4(k) pl onan wet't l o youwn them, let t meellou ye thma srt wayto stinvemu in ftual.unds yo u t,wan you can writeis th do wn. a ap che lowo cst x indefund ttha mi s rror mthet arkeas a olwhe, thone at ms imicthe&p s 500. indexfu ofnds lt uowra l fees d anh wit san&p index f,undou y ahaveeh v ticlewihat ll louet y pa iprticthate is tsthe threngf o e thk stocetmarkho withaut ving s topendth mee tiki picng di inalvidu ksstoc.
3:29 am
tdon' ohivertnk it. th we phole oointfti putoung yr ne mo ay in fundis o te savyou e the tim and etffor tnao mage yo ourwn foportlio ksstoc. th wat'shyth i ink's it neinsa en whpl peoare stwnt oing ipmultle dsfun. by itse v ryrenatufu, a nd sh bouldvee diiersifd. t lyshe ire nallyos rea fonor ho mmeerembske liu yo toav he an poy ex tsureo emth. y ife ou'rggoin toak t tehe time t to tryoay plnd iuaividl orsectsth atth at imat tule wod al ree ly bmuch bretteen spt pi g ckinviindi dualksstoc. f asor fets,se the clvehirees a r fodi tranong, t itinvesng. i do ln'teik them. ny ma etfs rencbalae yever day an atd th cakan t te aonoll a lo ng orperfe.manc ey th're not set upor flo erng-tm rf pencormae. g inalener y, ifeou'r not a pro an d not minanagpog a lirtfoo of erdiffstent aocksndot n day intraderg evyng sile y,da you ob pr sablydnhoule't bol foing ou aritnd w hthe tfes theier. re heth is tte boinom le. t atheen d t ofhe day iin thk a pchea&p s00 5nd i fexund is the
3:30 am
mo beney ttern thatheas vtul bk m ofedanagtu mual funds. bu t annd iex owns erevngythi, e th, goodbathe adnd the .ugly ouif y dove hae the,timou yn ca tbeaterhe panformf ce ondan iex fundby pngicki sstock uryo.self wh isich their entee rason i d o e thow shry eve night. if d you hon'tave the e,tim t don'erovkthin t.i ju ston e cphea s&pex indd funis de inheed tt bestoway go. ma ry in mandryla, ?mary al>> c bler:ahoo-y,m. ji ijim,t sdartei linsteng tou yo wh a ile ckba. en thta i s brtedg uyinksstoc on yo dvur aice. t >> yhankou. >> le calowr: n'm i lngookiat my foportlio erhe. d an , jim mjim,ineye ese hav tseenhe orgly. i sot wan toge t ai lttle nc faanier rhd pebuaps mey so in choca stks. we ho iver,'mur ciousou abt adr
3:31 am
rr cuencyha exceng ras.te c soanu yo eu-dge-erkramn o anexchatge rpoe ex?sure >> resu. h wethave eba ttle hymnof the blrepuoiic gveng os.rsea n'i doowt kni if twanthatf i wayou o nt tnowdi inalvidu ksstoc t andhesi buesness are od godo, i n'te r callyare where ey th are. doi evn't enre caut abo the rr cu.ency t ifhe besusins is that egrat, th oce stkl wilgo ghhier. if 'r youe bguyin an adrnd a's it roa eupean cnyompad an ethur eo bisngei wneeaked by calentr ba nk suis,es you willt no do we vell e tn ifhet sockoe ds .well thall bings neingaleutr y andou n' dovet ha c atrounry o co enntintry ttoing e dbaseth e nc co cernsmsircuestanc f i'm ine iwitht. t ifarhey oue, yha ve s totay aw ay anday stn ie th goodol ' us .of a h whic mis awaart y to stinve. ma wtthen ine w ryok? ma hettw? >> al cr:le ba-b-baahoo-y, jim. >> ba bo-ba-ho-yack ba at you. al>> c iler:3 'm 2syear d,ol a ce reolnt c glegeradd annew to the orwcekfor. d anus i jt testar md toouax t my a. ir
3:32 am
fo anr agrgsiesve aocllioatn rfo owgr tthtao okerin sks. bu m t i'reunsu ofow h toth do at ac extly. nti wage to urt yoge sugnsstio sofor emeon tistarng t outohe t re metirent esinv.ting ho ulw wou d yogout aboin do?g it ou>> y wanto t have the fstaste g younthgrow ocst.ks an osd th aere --te nd eto b un fod inhn tecyolog tosecr. tbu also, of secour, in ecbioth. no w,'t dono go to y.craz ll i'e havon e or twock stos of mp cotaany ress an'tki mang mo ney. no e mor thant.tha e thosare themo stti ferle ar eas. ju gniorh rowtk,stocmp cos anie athatorre w athli bilolon dlars or .less a lotof h temt thatoare o small tato lkboa.ut e onhoof tse two. th arese e all e.fin yo nu ca do thoseca beeus ifu yo mlose, oneyveyou' t goteshe rt y ofliour o fe t imakeckt ba. so nrry,ot souc mhua mutlo l ve re he. inpickg ss tockisst ill thest be wa my toe anagyouron mey. if ou yt denhave mtie,st ju seplea, seplea,le peaso gwi th ctheheap s&p50 er0 ov most ac lytiveag manuned fds. no erw the ish mucmorema "d
3:33 am
tfindeshe bt patho t a hhyealt ti rentremepe deg ndinonur yo meinco. >> en> th't donge forurt yo s,kid ea plse. pr tiotecngr you cdrhilen from ud stloent eban dllt wi pheut t m a inet btersi potion to dbuil th eir fue.tur > >> fplusngindir youw t eets th wiout the 0-14character restriction that so hemmes in. wistick meth crar. 'n enice wasy. me onlyeake thst r monaeal lotural cooking lor. veso eevn in r sealingght,unli ditsn'toeoo l k likeir cha aolort all. it looks like, it's a hundred percenyot u.
3:34 am
i' n ve bee fon myall eel day.bu i'm shed!a meye. too ex mcusemie...cooung thrgh! de ri gel thee wavfoof comrt dwith sr.lschol ss mainagl g gesoinles. ey'r thove pr en e to givcomfyou ort. hewhich u lps yo feelre moiz energed ll...aay d long. i want what he has. tolayotal effects a skin transrmfonatioth ivat rtheals adlepaing de rtmentore sttumoisrizer. re skvives fiin to ghtgn7 sigis of ang. lawith oou ay, yesge lsos, an you ce bs.ageles ayoles. agels. th i sink wed'vehoulen takle a thft at ver.e ri ktarzanernow whrzane ta go! ta doerzant s noheknow wtare go.rzan y, eheusxcme,e
3:35 am
alwaterfl? , noarzame tn, ki jung of ngle. y whyodon't tu wantst o juk asdysomebo ? ouif yco're a uple, ghyou fier dt ovtiirecons. it t 's do if w you sant toave fi n fteeenpercort or m e aron can insurce, ityou swo gech tico. o oh hhhhhit's t do ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
3:36 am
wh r etheitke ma ssenser foou y seto u aeg rular1( 40rk) o an oira,for r you to go thwi a throwh, hic is aer tm i'mu s re u' yove hdearnt coulessim tutes b nomay utstnderand. noi kw ita lked essndlelyut abo the bitenefs ofus ing an viindidual rreeti amentntccou and a 4)01(kpl oan tes invtor f re metirent. i' t m noggoin b toa eat dead e ithise s thecsubjget i t an to of qiouestns ouabt. ldshouut i p mymo inney ah rot unaccot or aul regar one? hyso w't done wst wiart th a ayit m be thei snglegr steate in thrg ouve gontrnme has deon forlo cow-inamme fs ilieesinc enthe dt of her wa on poy,vert h whicesat btde en ad in draw. po yverto plyssib wig.nnin ldi toou y how a about raregul ira lets t you akeinprecometa x in edvest t andyohen gursain ar yeer aft year,ec dadeft aer dedecata tolly frtax-ee u ntil yo ecu dtoide wraithdw that y mone ywhenou tirere. a h rot irawo dirks enffert. th wi the thro,u yo make
3:37 am
meinco. i sohen otrdr wos,nl u aike lareguri ra,pu gttinmo ynent io ah rot t won'crdeeaseou yx r ta .bill heon ter othd, hane onc your y monen is itha ro iyora, wiu ll ve neyr paxe ta ostn i aiagn. l asasong yoursh ca mreains in yo urcoacunt,u yot don'pay tacapiinl gas x.ta u yot don'ypa dedivinds tax. ywhenitou ww hdraith wich you n ca doit whoutal pen tyat age 59 ,1/2 youn' dotay py an iencom x taonur yo drwith.awal ithiss bufa.lous in er othds wor,h wit a h,rotu yo pa yax towes n so thatou yn' dot ha ove tay p ie ncom tax30 0or 4 ar yeoms fr now whenou y rretie. th isere o oe mor ptiosioive pnt ou abt a h.rot yo u w canraithdhew t ymone u' yo vestinveed,te noou yr s,gaint jusamthe yountou nt coteribud d anwoyou gen't t t hiwith a%10 pltenahiy, wsch i whatpp hawhens ouen yry t to drwithonaw mey from a laregur ir efa bore youit ht thac magi ofage 1/ 59 2. at th'ser vyfe difrentm fro a re rgula irah wyoere n'u doy t pa y an taxes oron cuttribions now, an urd yons gai't donet ged tax wi tthinhe act.coun onbut ouce yrt stahd witngrawi
3:38 am
ou t is taxed asin ordary coinme. itca en b a very high tera. ic whanh mehes wnu' yorein tryg to id decewe bet aen rothra ind a 4 a) 01(kor are rgula ira and a 1( 40yok), bu'realasic ly ci de wdingerheth itke masre mo ns se pe toayco inme taxow ni wth a h rotayor pnc iome ontax ce yo tiu reitre wh ae rrgula unaccot. u yo thaveguo fiutre o if ylou'l be ihen t erhighx tara bcket te afu r yoretire a orer lowne o. th s is iamp cotelicaesd qu tion haand s at loto doit wh the ifspecofics r youitsonuati, yo arur caneer wd ho old you a ck qui rule of mbthu. fo anr e'yons mnaargil tax rate 5%is 2 or s,lesic whsh ios mt of am a,erichi i tounk yug otoht go awith thro. tt beere th tthak ehitup front than allowou yrth ro ira to co ndmpou x-ta tfree rheest of your life. me re, mberthfor whose otdon' ve ha thei tme toic pk t oheirwn di ifverspoied lirtfof os osay fi ve to ten ckstoars, p ykour ti rentremeey mon in aow l cost de inux f tndhatro mirhers t s&p 0. 50 ouas y get o, ldercayou d n ad bsome.onds but ry,ealln util y ouree,tir
3:39 am
ma tyjori of your nvienestmt. i ot n ticedhis efbore. i' inm gog to keepea repting it un tily thetake me t offhe air. so s it'es nec.sary t buit'son cytrar to co tinven onalsdwiom. wa i nt ckstoots, nds bon until te lar. w hot aboutha ro40 ?1(k) th is w lorksike aro th ira. an meyoing u make cibontrnsutio danev neray pes taxai agnep exct ithata t's (k401) n,pla itas h mauchgh hier criontonbutiit lim athann rai. eth gnmoverten says the 4) 01(k ricontonbutili tmi is 18$.,000 wh s ereaana ir alnnua co buntris tionear cedapp at a mere $50.,50 d ane therneis oth oiger b ff diceeren. aot rh1( 40k)ep dutyha nyve a ki fnd o imenco noermatt m howmouch yoney u ea yorn, uan c takde aagvante of es thes a longasr you prlaye dedeci gs toyoive u the on.ptio c ofe,ours all dthisdsepen on wh ouat ynk thi f thee uturis in gog to look e.lik ouif ynk thia tarxes e hedead hi ogher verethur cosef our yo tilifethme, aenh rotk)401( e wheryou pay taxesow n and not in he t fu, ture ithatos s the toway go.
3:40 am
ne mo ty in heseprent. ini thatk thie belf is stmi.aken fo hor tfse o youo y pungeeopl o whonly bmeeco tipoliycall ciconsunous thder eob ama e s em er the iso nay wto p stotithe de ofhe higr s.taxe hibut y storesseri i and evbeli ewean ccl those e cidefitht wiout sanubstlytial is raing xta,esut abo as po calitiasl a i'mng goi tots ge hion tows sh. t athend eth of e tday,his is th boo beynd ouron ctrolnd a th oreref bedeyon ourbi ality to ed prict. th tte boom line, thelo weryour enprescot inthme, wee lorur yo s.taxe tha ro40 o1(k)thr roir ae l ts u yothpay ose low rates , nowand r nevey worrtabou staxe nagai fo urr yoir rett emenmo.ney e th ylessou e,mak m theore li tkelyrohis s th iyofor u. it ha's tt lesimp. d anwhen'r you segavinor f rereti, menttdon'ry wor about atwh cldou goa crotastalphicly wr 30ong 40 or rs yean i the fu .ture wjust aorry mboutg akinbethe st
3:41 am
eabrk.y,or you fthe got !milk atthac's l.taid t. 1righre00% k,al mil w justut tithoache ltose. soou yan d cnkrill y a wouant... .. h no.witco dist?mfor tlexac hy. tere, sry..ome. immm, reat islkl mi. elsee? dus. icio bhoofump! oh . t righirhere g bool,m ai lact10d . eal 0% r.milk d nomfiscoort d foancrr a ndeamy aio delictrus teat,tary lacceid iam cre eei've b myn onl feey.all dam i'ed!bushye ooa me t. seexcuco me... thrming!ough de ri gel thee wavomof c fort with r. dchol s ls massaging gel insoles. e they'ren provto yo give oru comft. h whics yohelpelu femo rgre eneized ...a dllg.ay lon i want what he has. (c inough g)co ngughiru dispts neeveryoe.'s lif 's thathe why t delre'ssym. de alsym'sced dvan timeas releule forma lp helencs siuge cohs a for 12 fulls.hour all night...
3:42 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
en moughoney to pay foryo ur ?kids dowho younk thi isin gog to su t pporu?yo yo ur dski. doyou wan't o nt tbe ade bur onn th em. ta arke ce ofrs youelf first. af yoter avu sedou engh ti rentremeen, ths it' ttimeo st thart nginkiut abo egcolle. ievenfou ydr kis i aonly dd toler. ,heckv een ifo yurd ki isnd ki of aam gle y in eourye so to ea spk. d anbethe ayst wo t savefo r egcoll he-dandsown ist whais kn asown 29 a 5n. pla e thess planardo v sy by.tate thbut ene geralle rues arr tue al rol acss the trcouny. e therare twods kinf o 529 an pls. me so esstat let you use a 529 as wa y toge hedai agtunst nitio atinflbyion bu yingti tuion itcred s ataytod'sic prhaes tt n casebe u td inhe tfuure. at thot's nt wha i'm tinalk g ab out,othugh. i ywantou to eushe t 529 ngsavilas pn. e thes rareyun bhe t st,ates and thele ruffs diroer fmte sta to st ate. bu net geyrallea spking a 529 n'doestt leu yogemanayo urwn o foportlio. yo veu hapi to etck b aweenx mi of if dntfereua mutl dsfun,t jus ke lih witmany 4k)01( anpls. th s is ilyreal notmy or favite wa y too d ithngs.
3:47 am
ur yoas sets and thele sen ctioof ic whhto stocks buy andh wich ac tual iumnstr,ents but 529s ha o ve s gmuch foing ort ihem,'m in go sg toowwalls thione. mbremewher, en you can only ch booseenetwe fu,ndso g rfo a lo stw coun fatd thro mirhers t etmark. th eiheer t s&p 500 oret somhing li kehe tan vguardta toarl mket fu whnd, ichu' yo sllee in nyma of esthe 529 s.plan l italiterly o awnshell tck stos ad trbued, ist thpe marfornce wi ell bve ryil simar to the&p s 50 0. w sothhat ees rul for this 529 an pl? t' ley s sajuyou adst hr you t firsd.chil racongtitulaons! ouif y can rdaffo it, youul shod st aart 529th wi kyours id athe be cinefiriary thght nden aig rht th ere. an wyones ho ietstreic addt s knowi tdalke aboutra tding alcoa tghhrououthe t irbg.thin t noofone myes fintom m.ents ricontonbutie s artanot x ctdedu.ible
3:48 am
af tterax at thot's n to egrat. he re is the good rtpa. on ouce yrey mon isin he t 9,52 yo dou t n'y payan txeaons he t .gain leyou emt th condmpou. re , ally ait'sot le lik a , roth ptexce c forgeollehe ratanr th ti rentreme. ca beofuse er fedifal gxt ta , lawsyoua clyn ontr cone ibut 4, $1 a000e yar if reyou' glsine, $2 0 8,00ifou y're rimared. an ud yoe filyourta sxe jlyoint. il sthal, ta t's heck of a o lotf y mone ywhenounk thi tabou .it ur yo crehildsn'r garandp centsan ricont tbuteohe te sam529 plan too. ouif y't done haveth m, oneya gr arandpcaent tan srt a 529it wh kyours id aeth efbenryicia. oualthorgh fan fin acialid onreast's, ist betoer te hav a pa drento .it w noslet'ay sor f somere ason yo yu orouren parrets att siing on aea r hllyugeum s of money. e onheof tol cohi t ngst abou a 9 52plan isou y canfr ontd loa ve firs yeath wor of nt cotiribu wonsutitho rrincuing th dee fegiral fttax. onas lg as yonou d w'triteny a ec cho ks tthe 'splanen biaeficry er ov n thefiext eave thin oorer wads, in sgle ntpare ornd grantpareld couen potlytial stinve $7007,0 into a 952ht rig
3:49 am
orifou y're rmag,ryin youou cld nt coteribu 40$1.,000 thfor ext neiv fers yeaer a th at you won'tbe bl aeto nt coteributh anywiing t thou g bein bhite y thgift ,taxhi wch is et somhing youn' do twant. bu ton hy,estle oncdryou haop tt nd kimo of inney to a 9,52u yo twon' need m toakeo tomanye mor ricontonbutis. e thhekey ire, fyout wan to get thatne moyo intur yo skid' 529 asrl ea y assiposble. at thec's b tauseheat gretesf o th e esanpliss l alouabe t th r poweof pocomngundi. re ermembu , yotdon' pay s taxe inwith. 529 f so icayou n hosomewo cventri onto cuttribe $705,00ig r ht te afe r th batandin vest the mo inney a low costex indd fun mthatrsirro m thet,arke the orulefum ths b ioverme ti u'yo mlleakou rlygh% 8 a arye. i owknhe tto s mckkeart a ac altu alyot lor m velao tile tthanhat. bu jtasust a ththoug pe exntrime s, iftockser gen ally orperfkem liy theve ha st hialoricouly yld coubl doue yo nvur ienestm t intabouni ne s.year f so istyou arta s rving ight en whr youiskid n,bor byhe t htime eorhe se islis, the va elu ofur yo planll wive ha ub doanled ubd doagled ain.
3:50 am
stcatae,roph youou cld haveas mu ch as 80$2.,000 at th'sug enoh for aan fcy ex ivpenslle coege etiducandon a de a lcentaw school. owi knst mo pleeop't can front ad lo a 529,pe eslycial withll a th pee exensh t cat womesith ra g isinka id. buts it'or wthee k ipinginn md th roat fntad loasing ch mus a po lessib isnd ieed the best st gyrate. fo r gparands rentthisma ynd sou , grim ybutour 952on cuttribions wo n'tnt courd staurs yo tesate tax. >> y> an 529la pn youe dsent u cyouanns trarfeo theanotr tirelave, blsi,ings pa,rentev en rs fit incouss. an yd ifouve sall ahi ts money d ano yur unefgratidul kecs dides tonot t goo egcolloue, y can drwithheaw tey monm frothe .plan hain tset ca yhaou ve to pay s taxenyon a y ofour ga,ins on althg wi a 10% npe.alty erso h te isothe btom line. no a pying foro yur idks'o celleg ateducision asn't or imptants a ov prg idinyofor lfurse in rereti.ment ouif ye havdrchilnden ate afr yo deu man eoughre metirent co buntris tiona for ,year
3:51 am
sa s vingplan sd houlbe thet nex em ityo on ur ag.enda tit'seshe bt t wayote proct yo idur k from the cshruing bu ordenf enstudant lot. deb ad "mey mon b" isafack thter e ea brk.a hbmouthereatr! w hoancan syone lleepthike at? llwest, ju o putbrn a eeathri stght anrip w!d po iittanslyntpe o ynsr ouseno o up tmo38% hare tldn codi me acine.lone ysoanou cat brendhe aep sle. utshr youh moutsaand goy ghodniutt moathbre.hers ea brrithe ght th e's anthd e's ervimong with move fr uee.ltra hitrias te-pltiac sonpouprt ca e rtilagboneand s. and keunliig the b o- ostelex bi fs,pill 's itn all itinyone l. pil move e freultra. t ge movyour.e on s there' ea moreablenjoy t wayt o geibyour fer.y ph trpsillir ' fibeumgood g plmiesneus epprgy suort. 's it f a new supiberenplem t thatsuhelps t repporrigulaty d anesincludam b vitto hins elpt convero food tgy.ener
3:52 am
ni k,ce worip phills! th y e tastf side or,fibe fr hillom p.ips' sh erouldn's dostt jury car pads.ey c th yarrynsour faio' pass ns,s,hopere and dams and ybma a ce,nchaat e grtnesea..s. beca e usouldshs erre mwee adr fogr test . te .st testtest. st te . test test test. . . . . . test .
3:53 am
st te. >> ly> ho e we'vtogot get tome so ofr you tw teetsyohat veu han bee se gndin me ji@emmkraer, udincloning haes tt arery ve ni cend art sma. nn ketweth ieetse lov jyou,im. i lov eu,yone kenth stegan .23 ho w ishatt? it 's qure.ited psomee eopl mcallek jac r.tate i no'm a sweet rejw gen erunde scors wantto
3:54 am
y wh acare sbout-thorthierm t if u yo ahaveon lrmg-tenv ienestmt testragy? am en. mahow imny taves hsae i id i like zxy cksto? itgo esn dowthatda yor lepeop nt wabu to ern m inal sc d it'toesnve ha to beha t dtay. th a ink lelittge lonrmr te. he ere w h @ave -- diigo , who s wantnoto katw wher otho boks ou shomld he stinvehaors veer und th eir bs eltto helpem th ad trnae/maetge bter. #g et a .plan upone on wstall areetndea bt the st,reetet per lynch. e onupn ol waletstre and beat stthe .reet you tmight wano tok lo atme so avof didsc darh's oobks. e thos aareabvaille on azam.on u ihose tse aea gralt de. heand a t mughtloe a t at magoldchn sad s and moveon. bu avt did thgar'sbo aroks e very od go. up next, do youer evle sepr o ondid e of your otbiechsro pvide u yo withcl toneso stassi? wi nkie cefa.
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an emoji g.thin , noi don't s.leep .okay wenow e havsw an teredhat tiqueson. gnow,meive a heads up. w, bthi w tch i shinks tandbyfor wathe y, iw noowfollyoing ur kn haow wu t yomoown tto. .kwyo nclea mytf porolioth is week. yo yo -- lyu one liv ceon. so ita tollyr bing with you. ini'm theke marcat beofuse yo u. jsir, ustgive allth e hate sarea bigo- boyah! tkeepineachgs ut wha wthey ant to w,gro jim. t lemei gveo yu ait lhetle ads up. i tlovehea h.ters w in'ouldt be dgoinis th if it we t ren'for m.the io whauld veot gouten te yars o. ag i' m a itspulef, driven g tuyo th hae rste. and eyoverne minpey onrs lalfei kn thows at. so haters, you're why'm in i gthisame.
3:56 am
cr eram! >> cramer, you are sur,pe you ear awmeeso. >>' im a t-firstime intovesr. >> nk tha f younsor ingpiri meto t gein the y >>shour ow is the t.bes i' m so gyolad u'reon tv. w>> i yantou tow kno that you thaveforans mrmede. anthyok cu,merar. e ona day r ride amadeis decion. th cisie deo on tride andonav smonee y. ecidhe do ed tsave bymoney tchi swing tohis mole rcycsuintorance . geico e' ther shas noinme g savinmoney. deriid on, rd.e prou ge o ictorcmoleyc, grea tet ragrs for deeat ris. jane t?co h ug youifan cear h.medo evenn't nk thi i aboutt. i uctook mm inex dmy for lephuggmy coh. ah ye w...butabouhat ket mi? witn orks oughis coo.h to cough!orit wn hiks ougs coh too. mucinex dm relieves wet d drany hs coug2 for 1s.hour s let'isend th.
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re stweatss sdi is t fferenorthan ry sdina, weatllit smee.s wors tiget 4 e mes thectiproton t agains sstress.weat wi
3:58 am
3:59 am
>> li> i oke t say ether is al awaysl bul etmark omi prtoise to tryo tnd fit i just for you right heren oma "d ne moy." i' jim crm eraman, i'd sll yeeou next time. > >>it's estuday, farebruy 16th, coand ming upn orl "eaday to"y, 's it aol palitic beattlrl swis ar ound cinhoosghe t nextre supme ur cot noe,mine theas nty menaal-cnglind aer pnasol ta atckset gve en more re back-knuled. >> s thi guedy, tz cru is the st moho disnest guy ink thi'v ie mevernet i tipolics. ni'veeverrd hea aol piaiticn
4:00 am
a liar. >> n wheot bh m rarcoubio and donald trump scream lria liar, it mesak youde wonr how they dwoul handle dealing with n.puti to music's biggest t.nigh performance. and theti mulple tributes that ghbrouwnt do the ushoe. pl us wkeicd atwer,he adtornanoes dri dvingw snoau cse c havondarou the u.s. >> > a magicalen momnt iex mico r fothe faulithf. poand pe cifrans. nd a a curreatero fem th de opthse f thrpola exvort. ly"earay tod"rt stas now. > >>nk thas for being with us. e thtl bate l hinesaven beewn dra be ntweeub repnslica and crdemoovats hoer wul shoild fl th e vcyacant lefn i theup s reme t courrafteus jticent aonin scalia's h.deat blrepus icanare dinoublgnd a tr ngiplin, dow that the no timinaonul shod be left teo th xt ne esprenidt. bea lief binecomg atl bate cry t onhe cigampan l.trai >> ien intd toak me 2016 a rerefendumth on e u.s. supreme t.cour >>e' wotre nin mov fgrdorwan o a mi nounnee atil tfterhe tielecon.


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